My favourite email of today

Subject: about some info i read

About susan walsh. you are deeply wrong. She had walked out of her apartment to make a call and was never heard from. The date was July,16,1996 when she dissapeared. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would change it.
If you want to reply of any sort, the please email me.

Amarah Shadowyn


I guess that this relates to one of the early SITUation Reports, the newsletters of the UNEXPLAINED game we used to run, which includes this snippet (in the “It’s an UNEXPLAINED, UNEXPLAINED, UNEXPLAINED world” section): “On 23 December, journalist Susan Walsh needed to make a phone call. She left her son in her car, strode round the corner and hasn’t been seen or heard since. Her disappearance has prompted a series of increasingly sensationalistic press stories of blood-drinking S/M cults. Walsh had been tracking a story about blood going missing from New York hospitals, which she blamed on vampires, just before she vanished.”

Strangely enough, this does actually relate to a real-life case, which we adapted into being part of the game background, but I never thought it might come back and bite me in the neck (as it were) nine years later.

I propose to ignore this email, but if I suddenly “dissapear”, don’t say you weren’t warned.

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I would greatly appreciate it

Why? What’s his involvement? 😉

I could understand “I think you should change it”, but anybody who can’t notice “Society for the Investigation of The Unexplained” at the top of the page deserves a good haddocking.

Never ignore anyone whose name is “Shadowyn”. Clearly a drow, no doubt with a million classes all at high levels. I should reply saying “immediately, my lord” then delete the entire website – just to be sure.

I could not possibly cope with the emails you get. I can just about cope with things being filtered by our support team, but even then the urge to extract the email addresses of the customers from the email trail and write emails to them saying ‘oh ****(1) off you pompous ****(2)’ is quite great.

(1) strong language

(2) very strong language

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