Conventions Larp

Knutepunkt Magic Book Weekend

Last weekend was an online conference in support of the publication of the 2021 Knutepunkt book. Of course normally the book coincides with KP itself, and in recent years people have talked about its contents at the conference itself, or perhaps at the Nordic Larp talks that precede it. But this year, as Knutepunkt isn’t […]


The Cutting Edge of Nordic Larp

Next week I’m going to be attending Knutpunkt, the annual Nordic(-style) larp conference. I’ll write more about that in due course, but this post is about the book that accompanies it, which has just been published. It’s in two volumes, which you can download from the linked pages: The Foundation Stone of Nordic Larp – […]

Verbal games

Spoilerless book blurbs game

A conversation on a friend’s journal prompted the discovery of a new game, which all the family can play in the comfort of the comments section of this post. The idea is to write a brief publisher’s blurb for a well-known book, that avoids spoilering it. This is, of course, particularly tricky when a big […]