Bizarre email of the week (so far)

“Dear Sirs.
I have just conducted a search of ‘metal wall atlanteans’ and I have noted your site. I would be most grateful if you can advise where you obtained the origins of the extract noted on the following link:
As I am very interested in some of the detail and it there a religious sciptures which share approximately 70% of the content noted.
Please feel assured that all correspondence will be treated with strict confidence.
Best Regards

The strange thing is (OK, this isn’t actually the strange thing — which is fairly obvious — but I find it peculiar) is that that page is nowhere near the top of a Google search for metal wall atlanteans.

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And we have a large chunk of it’s beard (in the BM). Burned by the French, looted by the British … as the old saying goes …. but a prize to anyone who knows where exactly these sentiments can be found gathered in signs a-plenty?

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