El Complo

The title means I think The Conspiracy, and no doubt it contains all sorts of biting satire on the Mexican political system, but for our purposes it’s a nice little Flash game of the “make the little man do X” variety. Well, it wasted me some time. Edit: forgot to say, thanks karohemd for pointing me at it!

In other news, didn’t quite get snowed in over the weekend in the Lakes, but had a pretty good attempt.

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In fact. I think I nearly got everything working once and know what actions need to happen after where I got to. Unfortuantely I can’t remember what I did. I got the TV working properly which is the thing I seem to be having trouble with (getting the briefcased antenna high enough).

Please tell me you can put me out of my misery. I don’t want to have to do this by exhausting the possibilities… 🙂

Muchos Gracias.

It seems I’d mixed up my camino and put it first. Apart from that I’d nailed it though. 🙂 I’d somehow persuaded myself that camino had to come before arbol… Schoolboy error! 🙂

Excellent, no, I’d seen the original and the cube but not this one. Blimey, looking at the animation in the ‘cut scenes’, some people clearly have far too much time on their hands…

Thanks for that

I got far enough to see a lot of cut scenes, but kept getting beaten by a dragon near the end. And I didn’t take notes. D’oh. Might come back to it and try again – it was fun, and very odd.

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