About me

Hello! I’m Mo Holkar, and I live in Ipswich, in the UK. I’ve been gaming, and thinking about games, for ages, so I thought it’d be good to bring it all together on this blog.

There’s a load of my larps and other stuff of note here on my main website: https://www.holkar.net/

The kinds of stuff I’m interested in:

  • larp – my main gaming hobby at present. Terminology of different types of larp is a vexed area, but I guess it’s safe to say say that I tend towards the indoors and shortish kind, and I prefer a more improvised style.
  • board games and card games – I’ve been playing these enthusiastically for many years, but only recently started doing anything much about designing them.
  • tabletop role-playing games – I’m mostly interested these days in indie games with a story emphasis. Don’t have much time for actual play, though, so there won’t be as much about this on here as the other types of game.

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