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Hmm, I’ve recieved a mysterious and anonymous invitation from something called The Dystopian Collective, “a group of free-thinking roleplayers who play and write material for various role-playing games, usually of a dystopian nature. This includes material for SLA Industries and Call of Cthulhu, amongst others. We have been role-playing for 20+ years and feel that at least some of our ideas may be of value to others.”

Anyone know who is behind this? I’m not really interested in dystopian role-playing myself, but it sounds like a worthy enterprise, so three cheers for them.

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Hmm – the default RPGSoc email account got one too. I know some of your pages are linked on the rpgsoc website – maybe a non-public email address has escaped onto there (let me know if it has – I’m currently Netrep!)

However, I have heard things about The Dystopian Collective. I was going to say ‘good’ things, but it’s more of a ‘Oops, I just spent all day clicking links and reading things on TDC’ – your call as to whether that’s good or bad 😉

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