LiveJournal games?

I wait with slight terror to find out which of you are going to be getting heavily into these.

Desperation or genius on LJ’s part? You decide.

Edited to add: I should have had a sweepstake on who would be the first to crack and sign up.
Impulsiveness, thy name is kauket
(Yes, the games page helpfully tells you which of your friends have signed up for stuff.)

20 replies on “LiveJournal games?”

Oh dear, LJ. Oh dear.

Is everyone else gettting these video ads popping up every five minutes? I would have expected people to go spare but maybe most people have adblocks.

I always like random games so I used another LJ account I have to sign up (like many others I didn’t want to do so on my main account). Unfortunately it crashed IE entirely and in Firefox it just crashed flash player. So err… I would have played them lots except the first one I tried quite critically failed. C’est la vie. Back to warcraft for me. 😉

The sad thing is that LJ is already an excellent medium for games; see a thousand RPG communities, passim.

I’m thinking about my objections to… well, my preconceptions of what these might be like. But, for now: *grumble*.

(I have a horrid feeling that you could well be forgiven for feeling that you were years ahead of your time and just not eeeeeevil enough with some of the work you’ve done over the years.)

Well, I suppose if I’d really wanted to make money from being evil, I could have gone to work in the City or somewhere… I still think of the people who play my games as (in some mystical sense) sitting round a table with me, so I need to remain able metaphorically to look them in the eye and shake them by the hand, for the sake of my own sanity 😉

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