Hapland 2

Given the amount of time wasted on Hapland in my previous post, I thought it’s about time to start a new post for Hapland 2 — basically the same sort of thing, but more complicated!

Be warned, it took me about twice as long to do as the first one. But there are lots of fun effects…

Can I say here and now though that I disapprove strongly of there not being save points / an undo button in games like this? Having to start back at the beginning again every time you do something wrong is just frustrating… Samorost is much fluffier this way, in that AFAICS there aren’t any losing positions, you can just keep on going until you puzzle it out.

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I remember playing one that was quite fun that involved trying to get water to your village with the involvement of a vastly complicated system of water pipes and so on and so forth. Nice big multi-screen affair. I think I played samorost before and quite enjoyed it.

One of the comments I read on hapland was that it was good that you could get into dead end situations because it made it more fun. I can see the point. But undo would also be good. Especially if accompanied by cheap video rewinding special effects. 🙂

I believe the theory is that you to take the first game under discussion you can do things like blow up the bell tower and leave it a ruin up there. Its kind of entertaining even if it isn’t the most useful thing in the world. Also the ones that you can never go wrong can be brute forced to a certain extent (thoguh I guess those that need timing based stuff that is less true of) whereas the ones where there are false paths does lead to asking if this situation is right and if not redoing.

I suspect it is a subjective thing really since I’m sure the guy who wrote the thing I saw wasn’t lieing about enjoying it. From my point of view though I do agree with you. That may be because I’m bad enough at these things already without having the option to go wrong without noticing. 🙂

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