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Sheet Happens deadline soon!

Just a reminder that the Sheet Happens deadline for sending me your character sheets is on the 8th, just a few days away. Two in so far from very keen / well-organzied people… who will be next?

There was a question about whether you should include a name for the game on the character sheet or not. My feeling is that if you have a good name, yes, as long as it isn’t going to be too prescriptive / restrictive to the person who’s going to be designing a game around your sheet. (That is, no more so than the sheet itself is. Eg. if a character sheet contains a load of boxes for mooing, horns, milk production, etc, then forcing the game to be called Killer Kows is not really an additional constraint.) If you don’t give a name, then the person who designs the game will do so.

I will be putting up a webpage (probably on UKG somewhere) to collect the samples together, etc.

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