Funny Farm

A thousand curses be on the name of thecesspit, who pointed me at this word-association puzzle thingy. As he so wisely said (and I so foolishly ignored), don’t click if you have things to do today.

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Yep, Chris Ferguson’s nickname is Jesus. (Google is your friend)
While I watch the occasional game on TV, I really don’t know the people so I’m stuck.
I’ve found two connections between “On the farm” and “Religions” now but how Cowboy is supposed to connect over is beyond me…

I’ve done that, too and managed to find two magicians.
The connection between rodeo and magicians is, naturally, clowns.

Any idea how to get from “farmer” down or from “barn” to the right?

Cool. I can’t believe the third farm-religion connection. Dalai lama!

Haven’t got down yet, and have the two magicians though (well, one double act, and one other).


I’ve got three magicians now. I’m now missing the connection between Las Vegas and whatever’s to the right of “magicians”.

I finally made it to below the farm, to “magazines” but am stuck again.
Still haven’t got a clue how to get to the right from the farm.

The area to the right of magicians is “On the Clock”. I don’t have that link (right from Las Vegas / David Copperfield) either, but I have the two other links between magicians and On the Clock, if you don’t?

The one to the right from the farm is an extremely weak connection. It’s based on “sounds like” only.

I only have one option to the right of magicians atm, I assume there will be another one from David Blaine and one below the centre one but I’m stumped.

I give up…

David Copperfield’s most famous trick?

I don’t see the connection to Las Vegas, at all, unless that’s where he was when he performed it (the target was very much in a different city, as the link out from it reminds you.)

You’re lucky.

I’ve just got on to the middle left map, using “book” from the religions map. And it offers me two connections: …. …. and ……..


The drop down from Religions was the nickname, as said above. From there, going left seems to need Wikipedia, and repeated cut’n’pasting!

That would be too easy. The conection is someone whom Tom Cruise appeared on TV with not so long ago, and a thing they do which is to do with books. And the region theme is “people with that someone’s job”.

On the bottom row, the third is Japan, the fourth is cartoons. I have three links between them — ninja, anime and now fugu. But cartoons still looks very sparse, I think there must be some more in there somewhere.

I should stop reading this list so I don’t get any more spoilers ๐Ÿ™‚

Tis good, lucky I’m over here with some cultural influences.

You can have ‘Curse of the Bambino’ as a freebie.

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