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Shape Up! conclusions

So there was a load more playtesting of Shape Up! on Sunday, in various different versions, and I think I’m now going to call it finished. I’ve expanded the print requirements from 18 to 27 cards, to allow for more players if desired. This is done by adding another shape (making 24 symbol cards) and then there are three scorecards. (Note that in this version, there’s no need for scoring info on the symbol cards: it’s all on these standard generic scorecards.) So these will be the card-use variants available for play when you get a set:

  • 2-player – use 18 cards, 1 each for victory conditions, deal 1 out, play a 5 * 3 grid.
  • 3-player – either (a) use 18 cards, 1 each, deal 1 out, play a 5 * 3 grid with a hole in it;
    or (b) use 24 cards, take 1 each, deal 1 out, play a 5 * 4 grid.
  • 4-player – use 24 cards, 1 each, deal 1 out, play a 5 * 4 grid with a hole in it.

In all cases, there’s a basic and an advanced mode of play. The basic mode is as it’s been up till now: you have a victory card, and you take a card off the deck each turn to play. In the advanced mode, intended for people who’ve played the basic mode to death, you’re dealt three cards at the start, and you play one and replace it (while deck remains) each turn. The last card you’re left with becomes your victory card. So this involves a bit more planning and analysis than the basic version.

I’ve nw got to write up the rules and polish the artwork a bit, and then I’ll bung it up somewhere for people to print-and-play as they wish. DriveThru Cards might be an option, if my offer of it to Good Little Games doesn’t come to anything.

It has been pointed out that square cards would suit the game slightly better than card-shaped ones. But I suspect they’re quite a bit more expensive to produce, so hey ho, I’ll look into it but probably not.

And then I can stop droning on monotonously about it here! (And start droning on monotonously about something else instead.)

2 replies on “Shape Up! conclusions”

Congrats on finishing it! 😀

Advanced variant sounds intriguing…

And then I can stop droning on monotonously about it here!

I think anyone who doesn’t want to read about games is probably reading the wrong blog!

Or stopped reading it long ago 🙂

Mm, the advanced variant was come up with by one of the regular playtesters. We tried several different variations on it, but this one seemed to work pretty well.

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