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  1. Becky A
    Becky A July 27, 2014 at 6:38 pm |

    I can’t believe you rumbled me about the LARP thing 😉 ! Shortly after I first wrote WtDiG, Josh and I discussed whether it was really a LARP after all. I suppose in some ways it is – because it is so immersive and has no conflict resolution mechanic at all you can do it either as a tabletop or a LARP. I think actually it blurs the line between the two, making the distinction almost redundant for this game and I really like that 🙂

    Obviously it is very heavily influenced by the sort of games we used to play in Oxford RPG soc back in the day. But I also hope it could be a sort of gateway game to LARP and even Nordic LARP for people who think it isn’t for them.

    Since I first wrote WtDiG a couple of years ago I’ve learnt loads more about Nordic LARP (which seems totally amazing and cool to me) and you’re right I think that doing a Nordic LARP style workshop would really enhance the game. However since I intended WtDiG to be a short 2-3 hours prepless game you could do in an evening and doing a Nordic LARP workshop beforehand could easily last that long it would slightly change the nature of WtDiG as a quick thing you could pick up and play in an evening after work (which was part of why I designed it). Since I’m writing my second draft now I’m wondering whether to include as an option if you have the time. I’ve thought about whether you could run it as a campaign (perhaps doing 3-4 2 hours sessions) and if you did do that then I think having the first session just as a Nordic Larp style workshop would be amazing!

    Right now it feels like every day I read something else which makes me want to rewrite bits of the game. Only this weekend I was having a discussion about the 3 different classifications of therapy clients with my father out-law (he is a family therapist) and it made me wonder whether I should include that as well. But then I worrying I’m going to break the game by overwriting it. So many things to think about!

    I’m so pleased it went well though. Sounds like you had an awesome cool player group and GF though!

    1. Mo
      Mo July 28, 2014 at 10:05 am |

      We did! — they were great and also lovely.

      I like your idea of splitting off the first session as a workshop for a campaign run: it would be really interesting to have the opportunity to get that much deeper into the characters over a few sessions.

      My own timing idea for a one-off was that a 5-hour afternoon-into-evening kind of run might work, split about 50:50 between workshop and game. There can be advantages of going straight from the workshop into the game, if you can make a long enough slot — you can then use the workshop to get people right up to the pitch of focus and clarity about their character and the group, so they hit the start of the game running.

      I suppose I have a broad prejudice that almost any 2-3-hour pickup game can be enhanced if you have an extra hour or so to spend beforehand getting into the characters’ thoughts, emotions and relationships in more depth (which you can call a workshop or not, according to taste). The only exception I think is overtly ‘fun’ games, where part of the point is to stumble across who the characters really are, and how they really relate, during the course of play itself. Which I think is great for a farcical kind of game like FIASCO but maybe not so suitable for a game which may touch deeply on people’s personal issues, like WtDiG does? That might just be my own neuroses talking though 🙂

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