The Rather Difficult Font Game

Fancy yourself as the font of all knowledge? Then have a go at The Rather Difficult Font Game. See a font sample, say which it is from a choice of four.

I got a not-too-impressive 26/34; apparently the average is 24. I’m sure some of you can do better than that! I imagine it would get markedly easier with repeat attempts, as the range of fonts available is not huge.

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Well I only got 25 – although I felt that was pretty good given some of the questions. A lot of the questions came down to guesses between two, though. Particularly the sans-serif proportional fonts. Anything that wasn’t Arial, Helvetica or Verdana I just had to shrug and guess!

Fortunately we used to use Frutiger at my old work, and I used Gill Sans for the Mind the Gap! documentation (it was then the closest I could get to the Underground typeface), so I had a head start with those.

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