Board games

The new thing in boardgaming

Wired is that prestigious magazine of the technological elites, its finger firmly on the cutting edge of all things geeky and zeitgeisty, right? Apparently there’s a new boardgame called Settlers of Catan, which is “poised” to become popular in the US. “Along the way, it’s teaching Americans that board games don’t have to be either […]

Tabletop role-playing

If adventurers were more like academic archaeologists

I was amused by the latest from the great Lore Fitzgerald Sjoberg: “Both good and bad news. The good news is that we have discovered an actual Frummosh-dynasty-spiked, poisoned pit trap in the dungeon! The bad news is that Bill’s bodily fluids have tainted the find. I will be adding a stern reprimand to his […]