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  1. Grenselandet - Games! All sorts of different ones.

    […] the international chamber larp festival held in Oslo. Unlike Stockholm Scenario Festival which I wrote about recently, Grenselandet is just for proven games, not new material – they all have to have run properly at […]

  2. Stockholm Scenario Festival 2016 - Games! All sorts of different ones.

    […] went for the second time to Stockholm Scenario Festival, early in November – you can read here about my first visit, last year. This time I was part of a quite decent-sized UK-based contingent, and I think overall the […]

  3. A weekend in Brussels - Games! All sorts of different ones.

    […] Brussels, was devoted to paired larps about gender roles. I ran Real Men, while Elina Gouliou ran Women on the Verge… in the flat next door. And afterwards both sets of players got together to eat and to chat about […]

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