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Sheet has to really quite a large extent Happened!

Still one to come, but the other five games are now up and eagerly awaiting your attention!

Well done everyone for getting them in, some terrifically interesting stuff there I think. I’d be very interested to hear what the participants’ experience of it was, and of course how you think it could be improved. (I’ll do a spiel about my own experience, if anyone’s interested.)

If you’ve been observing the experiment, I’d love to hear your thoughts too — what do you make of the resultant games? — any surprises? — any of them look worth playing / developing further?

In the original Reversed Engineer thing they next got the participants to vote as to which they thought was the best sheet, best game, etc. I’m not planning to do that, unless people are keen to?

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Wow, the game TonyP’s done based on my sheet is very extremely awesome indeed. As well as being highly readable (and quite amusing) it looks like it might even be runnable too. I may well give it a try !

(Off to read the others now…)

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