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Sheet continues to happen!

Less than a week to the deadline for Sheet Happens game submissions! — and one super-efficient person has already got theirs in. A virtual plaudit for bateleur!

Who also pointed out that there should be some sort of indication by designers as to whether they’re happy for their game / sheet to be used for gaming, whether by people who randomly stumble across them on the UKG site, or by anyone who’s following this on LJ. bateleur has granted me and UKG permission to publish and / or freely distribute the game provided no money is charged for it. Note that I have no plans at all to do so actvely, but just the fact of it being on the Web means that viewers may assume implicit permission, so best to say now if you don’t want people to freely use your creation.

I’m sure there’s some sort of Creative Commons licence that would be appropriate, but unless anyone wants to look it out, a loose wording like the above will probably be OK for now.

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I think you have to decide who owns the IP. Is it you, the sheet creator, the game creator or some combination (sheet creator owns sheet but gives permission to game creator to use it, and game creator owns game, both giver publication permission on a limited basis to you and UKG but not IP)?

Also, I’ve not got far with mine but I’m still hopeful.

My own feeling is that the game designer ought to own the sheet as well, as presumably in any published version of the game they’d need to be able to make tweaks to it — ie. the sheet designer cedes it to the game designer in toto, for credit only. But I’m happy to go with the consensus, if everyone else is.

(Heh, next time I’ll get this all declared in advance. Live and learn!)

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