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Haunted House

I’ve now done an update of the rules for Haunted House, based on the last playtest – thanks to ar_gemlad, metame, ar_boblad, mr_snips and lanfykins for taking part, and for great suggestions and thoughts.

See it in its glory here:

So this is a bit simplified from earlier versions, with the removal of room Terror ratings adn teh change of Phobias into more general Vulnerabilities. The new bit added is the Establishment phase, which introduces the characters and gives them a chance to briefly flourish before they start getting killed off.

I’ve also put up there the notes and background blurbs, character and location sheet blanks, etc, from the two playtest settings: The Ghosts of Fulwell and The Wreck of the Sarah-Jane.

Do please take a look through it if you get the chance (and are interested in such things!) In particular, I’m keen to hear what more you would need provided if you were to try and run a session yourself.

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