ChatGPT larp idea

An idea for using ChatGPT to generate materials at short notice for a chamber larp.

Instant-larp idea (I expect someone has done this already, but anyway):

Decide together a set of parameters (setting, theme, emotional mood, etc). In the pre-larp workshop, each participant feeds this into ChatGPT , together with some keywords of their own, asking it to generate a character summary.

The facilitator uses ChatGPT to generate an concluding scene, based upon these same parameters, plus some keywords about story endings.

The participants then play their characters towards that conclusion.

(You can include eg some chosen meta tools from Play With Intent, to help participants develop the story as it goes: or probably the AI can generate those for you too.)

What interests me about the AI material, in this context, is that it’s kind of aleatoric — the traditional toolset for random-input improv larping, involving drawing cards from a deck or whatever — but also kind of not, because it’s so heavily coloured by what is out there in the corpus. Which is, in the case of Nordic(-style) larp, really quite a lot of successful and tested material that’s accessible to scraping. Of course, it won’t necessarily be successful to combine together elements from across the board: but that’s where I’m curious as to how well the AI can simulate good judgement.

I was travelling when I wrote this, or I would have roughed up an example already. But maybe you might like to do so? Or maybe you hate the whole idea, or can’t see the point of it — that’s legit too. I’m not ideological about this, I’m just curious.

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